Recently I took part in Velir's post titled "How to Get the Most Out of Your Sitecore Symposium Experience" and it gave me the perfect excuse to dive into the 2019 Sitecore Symposium agenda and read more about some of the sessions this year.

When I originally wrote this list, it was just four sessions. Then I just kept finding more.. and more.. and more. The agenda seems well rounded and there are sessions for everyone, regardless of their specialty in the Sitecore world. My chosen sessions mostly revolve around Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) but also branch into areas I want to learn more about, such as Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA).

Sitecore JSS @ Scale

The first session I’m really looking forward to is “Sitecore JSS @ Scale” by Rachel James. I’ve been following the Nationwide Building Society blog series about how they’ve invested in their technology and transformed their Webforms based solution into a microservice based Sitecore JSS solution that uses Sitecore JSS and lives fully in the cloud. There a few posts documenting their process and the first one is available here. I’m excited to hear more about this process during this session.

Build JSS websites with Blazor

“Build JSS websites with Blazor” is another can’t miss Sitecore JSS presentation. Blazor is a project from Microsoft that allows you to build client-side applications in C# instead of JavaScript. The stated goal of this project is to bring true .NET Core component development to Sitecore. I love this presentation in particular because Blazor isn’t exactly a traditional JavaScript framework and this project provides another example of how Sitecore JSS can be leveraged with frameworks that aren’t traditional web frameworks. I’m looking forward to seeing what Corey Smith and Gary Wenneker have come up with.

Connect with your audience in a whole new way: Using AI to empower personalized experiences

Listen, I saw a preview of this presentation at a usergroup and Mark Stiles has found a way to have a conversation with Sitecore. It's wild. Mark also produced some awesome posters for this presentation. This presentation will be a great way to see what's new with Sitecore Cognitive Services and explore some use cases for the technology.

From discovery to live site: A multisite solution at scale using SXA

With Sitecore 9.2 you can now use Sitecore JSS with SXA. Ever since that release, I’ve been interested in really digging into SXA and learning how it can be utilized to accelerate development with Sitecore. “From discovery to live site: A multisite solution at scale using SXA” by Natasha Batra and Sebastian Winter seems like perfect session to learn more about a real-life implementation based on SXA and to get a better understanding of how SXA can get us past the basic parts of a website implementations to let us focus on bigger challenges.

The containerized mind: Working with Sitecore in containers

Sitecore just released their official knowledge base article giving their official blessing to running Sitecore in containers: With that, how could I not attend “The containerized mind: Working with Sitecore in containers” by Stephen Pope? I’m interested in the perspective this presentation has to offer and want to learn more about how adopting containers could impact our day-to-day workflow and deployment process.

Blazing fast Sitecore sites

I wasn't able to attend this session last year because I was presenting in the time slot as Alex Shyba and Adam Weber. I heard rumors that there were T-Shirt cannons involved? Either way, I'm looking forward to learning more about Sitelify and how it can be used to deploy highly performant Sitecore JSS sites.


There's so much to see and learn this year and I'm excited to see everyone in Orlando this year. I'm also presenting about Svelte + Sitecore JSS and the process of integrating your own framework with Sitecore JSS in general. I'm really excited about that talk as well but I'll have some dedicated posts about that later.